Sousuke Nanami



Biographical Information
Kanji 七海 宗介
Horoscope Aquarius
Birthday January 27
Instrument Cello
School Amane High School
Grade First year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 164cm
Blood Type A
Anime Season 3 Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuki Masuda

Sousuke Nanami is the childhood friend of Haruto and was once a member of the Chamber Music club at Amane High School.


He has a shy personality and isn't confident when he plays the Cello.

He got really angry on Kyoya, because he was complaining about the fact that he was chosen for the competition and told him that so many people want to take part in the competition, but they can't take part in it no matter how much they practice and want to.


Nanami is rather short despite being a boy. He has long green hair and his bangs cover one of his eyes. His eyes are yellow-brownish. He is always seen wearing the Amane High School uniform.


  • His parents own a Chinese restaurant, so he's good at making Chinese food.