Shiori Myoga



Biographical Information
Kanji 冥加 枝織
School Amane Junior High School
Grade Second year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Season 3 Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Risa Shimizu

Shiori Myoga is the little sister of Leiji Myoga.

Appearance Edit

Shiori is a beautiful young girl with wavy pink hair and sky blue eyes.


Shiori seems like a nice girl who loves her brother Leiji dearly.


When Shiori was young, her mother and father died in a car accident when it was snowing. Shiori and her brother had a hard time staying alive in the cold weather. After her parents passed away, Alexei Zhukov took her and Leiji in. Shiori meets Kanade Kohinata and eventually Shiori became friends with her.