Nami Amou
Biographical Information
Kanji 天羽 菜 美
Horoscope Aquarius
Birthday Feburary 9
Instrument Trumpet
School Seiso Academy Regular Department
Grade Second year Class 1
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 165cm (5'4)
Blood Type B
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 4
Anime Season 1 Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuki Masuda

Nami is a very active member of the Press Club. Her favourite hobby is pestering the concours' participants for juicy information, sometimes even to the point of making them nervous and embarrassed. She happens to have a talent for photography and describes her camera as her "partner".

Besides having a good sense of fashion and style, Nami is also shown to be sweet and encouraging towards Kahoko and Shoko, often giving the two girls advice on self-esteem and cheering them on throughout the duration of the concours.