Megumi Shouji
Biographical Information
Kanji 庄司 恵
Age 15
Instrument Piano
School Seiso Academy Music Department
Grade First Year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Manga Volume 2 Chapter 7
Anime eason 1 Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Nami Kurokawa

Megumi is a first year student. She was supposed to be Kahoko Hino accompanist during the first concours. However, she lied to her in order to let her participation be forfeited, because she was jealous of Kahoko, who was chosen to enter the competition; considering that, she’s from the General Education department. In the episode, it also shows that she has special feelings towards Len Tsukimori.

Furthermore, during the last selection concours, Manami Mori who was Kahoko’s accompanist got hurt in a bicycle accident, was replaced by Megumi.