Hino Kahoko's magic violin was given to her by the fairy Lili. The violin's magic is suposed to give anyone the capability to play the violin as long as they feel the music and know what it sounds like. However, since it is a "prototype" Lili says the violin must be played by someone who can see him. The significance of this is that any human or animal that can see him has a special appreciation/liking/tatent for music. As the story continues, Hino finds that as the violin is used more and more it looses its magic. Because of this, Lili needs to give it regular maitenence, more so when Hino gets even more serious. Becaus of the immense advantage the magic violin gives her, Hino is always hesitant about her actual skills, and becomes flustered when people complement her because she thinks that it is not realy her they should be complementing. She eventualy gains more confidence and becomes a little less dependant on the violin.