Kanji りり
Manga Volume 1 Chapter
Anime Season 1 Episode 1
Lili is a Musical Fairy. He is the one who gave Kahoko her magic violin and blessed her to be in the competition. 


Lili has a blonde hair and has a violet eyes. Like fairies he has long ears and has blue wings. He wears his clothing which consists of white pants, strappy shoes and on his collar looks as of a blue feather. He is seen wearing a brown pouch and always holding his sceptre.


The owner of the school first encountered him in a garden where he found Lili injured in the bushes. He pitied the little creature and helped him (Lili), therefore saving his life. In return Lili promised to bless his future school.


  • Hino Kahoko - Kahoko seemed to be the only person who could see him, despite being a Gen Ed student at the time - much to his (Lili) surprise. He gives her the magical violin and wanted her to participate in the concours. She was hesitant at first, but later comes to understand & appreciate the beauty of music and develops a bond with her violin.
  • Ritsu Kisaragi - Later on, it is seen that Ritsu also met Lili and he gave Ritsu the ring that Kanade is seen carrying around her neck.


Concealing MagicEdit

According to Lily, he uses Concealing Magic to simply make himself less noticeable to others. In the past he used to weaken his magic, so as to make himself visible to a lot of people.


As of the Special Edtion. He was able to change people's mind where Ryoutarou was in Keiichi's body, Keiichi in Len's body, Len in Kazuki's body, Kazuki in Azuma's body, Azuma in Ryoutarou's body and lastly Dark Azuma in Fuyuumi's Body.

Other MagicEdit

He can use magic to change a person's outfit where he used this to change Kahoko's outfit.


  • The word changeling is an anime-only uncategorized spell. This magic was also used in the anime Fairy Tail[1].