Kazuki Hihara




Biographical Information
Kanji 火原 和樹
Horoscope Sagittarius
Birthday December 12
Instrument Trumpet
School Seiso Academy Music Department
Grade Third Year Class B
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 178cm (5'10")
Blood Type B
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Season 1 Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Masakazu Morita

Kazuki Hihara is a third year trumpeter in the music department with great energy and love for his music. When Kazuki was younger, he'd listen to a girl play the trumpet on the roof every day at lunch. Before falling in love with the sound of the trumpet (in junior high), Kazuki was an athlete and runner for track and field. He left behind a friend when he took up the trumpet and gave up track. Despite being the fastest runner of the club, Kazuki found more joy in being able to bring people joy with his trumpet. When Kazuki showed up to the race his friend was in, he played his trumpet to give his friend the energy to win the race.


Kazuki Hihara is a very enthusiastic person, easy going, cheerful, refreshing, caring, and sometimes childish. He often cheers Kahoko up. He is usually found with a smile on his face that has made him quite "cute" to a lot of girls, as his cheerful personality overwelmed them.He is a close friend and also a classmate of Azuma Yunoki.

At one part of the manga, he appeared to have a crush on Hino and would blush when he was around her.


  • In Season 3 Episode 3 he was shown at the music store of Minami which was closed down and moved to another location.
  • In Season 3 in Episode 7 this time, he appears in a flashback after Hozumi mentions "Yagisawa-senpai's teacher" who turns out to be Hihara.
  • He never missed a day during grade or middle school.
  • He loves to snack on baked goods.
  • He appeared in a commercial in the manga.
  • He went to track and field during his middle school, though he eventually withdrawn due to his developed passionate love of music.