The Opening Partita
Ep 1
Japanese Title はじきりのパルティータ
Romanized Title Haji kiri no parutīta
English Title The Opening Partita
Airdate April 5, 2014
Theme Music
Opening WINGS TO FLY by Maestro Fields
Ending Andante by Seiso Gakuen Orchestra Club
Previous Episode Episode 2: Second Movement
Next Episode Episode 2: Sighs and Ave Maria
Kanade and Kyoya went to see a concert of Ritsu and at the concert there was a special announcment made that there will be a music competition of high school students from all over the country! When Kanade and Kyoya were heading back, Ritsu told them that they should stay here at Seiso Acadamy and they should join the Orchestra Club. When they agreed and went to school the next day Ritsu announced the students who will take part in the competition and Kanade and Kyoya were one of them.