The Irreplaceable Melody
Episode 13
Japanese Title かけがえなきメロディ
Romanized Title Kakegaenaki Merodi
English Title The Irreplaceable Melody
Airdate 2006-12-24
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 12: The Guilty Pianissimo
Next Episode Episode 14: The Capriccio of Maiden's Mind
Hino tries to immerse herself in practice to keep from feeling that pang of guilt for placing 2nd. She's so immersed in practice that she doesn't even think about the upcoming mid term exam. Lili, seeing her neglect her studies, takes away her violin until after the mid terms. Lili tells Hino that she shouldn't ignore things like sleep to practice the violin. Hino starts to catch up on her social life. As she begins to study, she realizes how much she misses the violin. After feeling like she failed the mid term exam, she goes to the music room to receive her theme for the 3rd selection, which is the irreplaceable thing. After receiving the theme, Hino hurries to find Lili for him to return the magic violin but Lili has reason not to return it. On the way, she meets up with Tsuchira and Tsukimori as they get into an intense argument. After calming them down, Tsukimori shows a little compassion as he corrects Hino's hand position on the violin and advices that she looks in the mirror to ensure the positioning. When she arrives home, her mother sends her on an errand to deliver something to her older sister. After delivering it, she catches sight of a museum showcase on the history of stringed instruments. She meets Shimizu there. While there, Shimizu tells her a truth; that she herself did not know about her, She loves the violin. Knowing this fact made Lili returns the magic violin, proud that she finally figured it out. The next day, she got her exam back. Her score was 53. Yunoki interrupts her despair. After teasing her and calling her names, he calls her by her first name, indicating intimacy.