The Black and White Adagio
Episode 11
Japanese Title 白と黒のアダージョ
Romanized Title Shiro to Kuro no Adājo
English Title The Black and White Adagio
Airdate 2006-12-10
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 10: The Aloof Virtuoso
Next Episode Episode 12: The Guilty Pianissimo
Hino begins to feel guilty about getting second place when she's not using her own talent but the magic violin's. Hihara cheers her up when he asks Hino and Yunoki to help him find a present for his older brother. After shopping for the present (a cap), they rest for a while near the harbor, where Hihara explains to the curious Hino how he and Yunoki met. After the flashback, Hihara reveals that after high school, he will be attending a university that has musicology. Yunoki, on the other hand, will abandon music to study business, which surprises Hino, who believed Yunoki will pursue music. The next day, Hino goes to the roof to practice, hoping to immerse herself with practice other than drowning in her guilt, discovers Yunoki already practicing on the roof. After exchanging pleasantries, Yunoki begins to get hostile and calls Hino annoying.