Akihiko Kira




Biographical Information
Kanji 吉羅暁彦
Horoscope Capricorn
Birthday January 3
Age 31
Instrument Violin
School Director Seiso Academy
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 183cm
Blood Type AB
Manga Volume 11 Chapter 47
Anime Season 2 Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuya Uchida

Akihiko Kira is the other new character that appears in the second game/anime. He doesn't remember people's faces all that well, so even if someone had met him before, he won't remember them. He is the son of the family that founded Seiso Academy.


Unlike, in the previous installment Kira is shown to be more open minded, hospitable and an appeasing director. His character arc has somewhat developed since the 8 years gap between the first storyline and this one hinting that his time spent with Kahoko and her friends had warmed him considerably as he is neither brisk nor insulting as he was in the beginning,


He used to play violin in the past, but dropped it because of a tragedy in the past, and had also come to hate music.It is revealed that Kanazawa was his senior when both of them were still in school.


  • His favorite food is fish
  • Kira is a playable route in Kiniro no Corda second game.